Monday, May 18, 2015

Give CM Another Try!

About a decade ago, Creative Memories was on top of the scrapbooking world.  They were a leader in the industry, with innovative products and beautiful, unique albums.  Things got out of hand ( I don't pretend to understand the details), and they went through bankruptcy - twice.  Ouch. They tried to come back as  a different company with new products (the awkwardly named Ahni & Zoe) but again, were met with failure and this time, a complete shut down of the company.

Last year, the company and all its holdings were purchased by a new owner who had a vision to completely relaunch the company in a cautious, financially responsible manner, while bringing back some of the beloved, original products. The result, so far, has been very successful, and the new Creative Memories features the traditional bookcloth coversets, which can be filled with plain pages, pre-designed pages, pocket pages, or a combination of all types. The pages now come with packaged with page protectors, so customers do not need to order those separately. CM also is slowly rolling out tools, papers and decorative products, to the delight of scrapbookers everywhere.

But the surprising stars of this new show are the Fast2Fab albums, which come already assembled with eye-catching, pre-designed pages. "Fast" is no joke here.  Converts to these albums are reporting that they can finish an entire album in a matter of hours, instead of days, weeks or months. Even better, the Fast2Fabs can be expanded with pre-designed refills, plain pages, or pocket pages, which are available in full 12x12 or multi-pocket styles.  Any of the pages can also be added to the plain bookcloth coversets - the options are endless!  In my next posts, I will show you two Fast2Fab albums that I completed in no time.

Give Creative Memories another chance.  This time around, they are really listening to their Advisors and customers, providing amazing customer service, and rolling out old favorites plus exciting new options!

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