Thursday, August 20, 2015

Quick & Easy Page Layouts

Are  you new to scrapbooking, staring at the blank pages and wondering where to begin?  Fear not!  Unless you're a creative genius, learning to lay out a scrapbook page takes a little time. 

I have some SIMPLE page ideas for you which require only paper, adhesive and a couple basic tools.  Even if you’re a seasoned album maker, you will appreciate these quick and easy layouts. Copy them to the (sticker) letter, or make them your own with different papers or embellishments.  


Adhere photo to a Fast2Fab pre-designed page. Done.  The only thing easier would be….doing nothing!




Adhere photos and slide-in cards to Fast2Fab pages.  For an easy page title, cut out a phrase from a slide-in card. Add your journaling to tell the story.  The important thing to remember with F2F pages is that there are no rules. You do not have to stick to the pre-printed page design unless you want to. In this layout, you will notice that a slide-in card has been used on the far left instead of a photo.  On the right-side page, a slide-in card has been used as a photo mat, and a fourth photo was added even though there was no designated “parking space” for it. 


Black pen



Choose 3 coordinating, 12x12 inch papers for your layout (CM makes it easy with our beautiful paper packs!  Featured here: Red, White & Blue)  A solid color or subtle print works best for the background paper. Cut a 4x12 inch border for the top of the page, and a 2x12 inch (or 3x12) border for the side of the page.  Adhere top border to your background page, and then the side border on top of it.  Mat one or two of your photos with cardstock and adhere to page as you like. For a quick title or journaling box, cut a slim, banner-like piece from cardstock and add to page.  

For further embellishment, try CM’s Border Maker tool with the Star cartridge. Cut a partial border and then trim your title/journaling banner, leaving a star cut-out at the end. Cut another partial border and use the cut-out stars as accents along the page (like the red ones shown). 


Black pen



Choose 4 coordinating, 12x12 inch papers (featured here: Look on the Bright Side paper pack). Cut a 10x10 square out of the center of your background paper. (Why?  It’s a paper-saving trick. Instead of covering up, and using up, a full sheet of paper, you will still have a 10x10 square to use for another page, or photo mats!)  Cut the next paper down to 10.5x10.5 inches, as shown with the blue paper here.  Adhere the 10.5 inch square to the background paper.  

Trim your other two papers into strips - one 12x4 inches and one 12 x 3.5 inches.  Layer and adhere these across the top half of the page, as shown here with the orange and green papers. If possible, trim a half-inch off your photos so that they fit across the page while allowing the paper to show through in between (alternatively, you could use two photos, or another arrangement). 

The title strip at the bottom was trimmed from a Look on the Bright Side paper, but you could easily cut a piece from any other paper and add a title with sticker letters or journaling pen. 


12-inch Trimmer (hint: the ruler for all this measuring is built into the trimmer!)

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