Thursday, September 17, 2015

Special Offer from CM - FREE Flower Garden Punch!

Right now you can get this gorgeous Flower Garden border punch FREE !

Purchase one of the album bundles under the "Going Gone" category and the punch is yours. You can choose from Vintage, Bright, Primary or Neutral. You get a Fast2Fab album with predesigned pages, page protectors, and two coordinating paper packs, plus the border punch, for $68.50.  Order here!

Update!  The Neutral bundle is sold out, but has been replaced by Pastel!  The flower punch is PERFECT for the Pastel album and papers. Yay!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Why Fast2Fabs Rock!

Can you guess the number one reason that people give up scrapbooking? 

Scrapbooking can take up a lot of real estate in your house.  It can get pricey.  And when you have run out of creative steam, it can just feel overwhelming.  But the main reason many people give up is TIME.  We barely have enough time for work, home, school, family and other responsibilities.  

Even IF we make time to print and sort through our pictures, who has the luxury of artfully arranging them in a color-coordinated album?

You do!!

I’d like to tell you about the Creative Memories Fast2Fab Album collection.  These expandable albums feature 16 pre-printed, coordinated pages and page protectors, all nicely packaged together.  With a Fast2Fab album, Tape Runner, CM pen, and your photos, you can turn out a whole scrapbook in a matter of hours.   You can add more pre-printed pages (of the same design or a different one), blank pages, pocket pages, or any combination of these. True flexibility!  

The left page is "made from scratch" and the right page is pre-designed.  The colors make them work together!  Featured: Be Bold & Flourish Paper Pack, Slide-In Pack and Predesigned page.  

Most of the designs are very flexible and work with any of your photos. A few are designed with more specific themes; the Now Boarding edition (below, left) is great for travel and The Bus Stops Here is meant for school. Some albums feature a soft laminate cover, while others are bookcloth with a foil design. 

I will admit that at first, I thought Fast2Fabs were a boring, uncreative option invented for non-scrapbookers.  I could not imagine how to make them work for me, a seasoned album-maker.   I didn’t want to be boxed-in by someone else’s idea of page design!  When I finally caved and decided to try one, however, I was hooked (two photos, below). Using the Color Me Happy album and Slide-in Pack, plus a few Multi-Pocket Pages, I completed an album of my preschool son in a few hours.  HOURS, people – not months!  And no one will ever look at it and scoff: “well, she took the easy way out on this one.”  The point is that the pictures are preserved, the story has been told, and it looks great.

A Multi-Pocket Page is shown on the right side - It can hold five photos or a combination of photos and slide-in cards

Listen to what other Fast2Fab fans from around the country have to say:

I love the F2F albums! If I need to I can use a F2F album just as it is and complete an album in a few hours. I can also change it up a bit, add some blank scrapbook pages, coordinating paper and slide-in cards and still finish an album in less time than a traditional scrapbook album. I especially love them for my theme albums.”  - Diana B. from CA

“I am a die-hard scrapbooker and I love Fast2Fab. There was never enough time to get all the projects done. Now there is with F2F.  I love that I can do an album in a couple of hours and it still looks like I’m a scrapbooker! I actually have to point out to people that they were pre-done pages. I LOVE THAT!”  -Debbie M. from IN

I love them because I can do an album very quickly. The pages are very cute and colorful!”  - Beth H. from MI

“I like that they're all put together in one package--you don't have to separately order pages and protectors, so you know you've got what you need in just the one thing you've ordered.”   – Stefani J. from UT

Advisor Fran Smitherman of AL says:  “My first Fast2Fabulous album won me over! It was the Strut Your Stuff [edition] and in it I put four or five unrelated things …..yet somehow with the gorgeous color scheme IT ALL WORKED beautifully. No orange and black paper [for Halloween] or Mickey stickers for the Orlando trip, no guitar die cuts for the rock concerts, no fish embellishments for the Georgia Aquarium. Just a Fast2Fabulous album, a tape runner, and a pen - IN FRONT OF THE TV DOWNSTAIRS! No mess, easily transported throughout the house, and done in a blink. I was SOLD SOLD SOLD. People actually had to TOUCH the "embellishments" on the page to make sure they weren't 3D so it looks like you worked much harder on the album than you did.”  

Photos submitted by Fran Smitherman

Fran was also able to put together, in one sitting, an album for a friend's 40th birthday party.  She points out that being able to add Multi-Pocket Pages can really speed things along when you have loads of photos to include.  Fast2Fabs "are good for so many people who swore they'd never find time for a scrapbook, but even the craftiest of scrapbookers are seeing a place in their collection [for Fast2Fabs] as well.  Sometimes you just need to get an album done fast."

Looking at these albums online does not do them justice! You have to hold one in your hands to see the colors and the quality.  Think of a recent vacation, a big birthday party or other occasion. Print the pictures, order the perfect Fast2Fab design, and get that album done!  

Pages from a Now Boarding F2F album - just add pictures and journaling and it's finished.  Wow!