Saturday, October 17, 2015

Halloween Blog Hop - Stop #2

You have reached the second stop on today's Halloween Blog Hop!  My fellow CM advisors and I are  handing out some sugar-free treats: ideas and inspiration for your Halloween pages.

When you have finished reading mine, be sure to click the link to Candace's blog to see what she has to show you!  I will also include the links to all the other contributors' posts, so you don't miss any.

Creative Memories latest Fast2Fab collection is called Fall In. The album, predesigned pages, coordinating slide-in cards, papers, stickers and die cut leaves are gorgeous!  The modern color palette provides a perfect backdrop for your fall, Thanksgiving, family, or even travel photos. 

If you normally take a few Halloween photos, but not enough to fill a whole album, I can show you how I transformed some of the Fall In pages into Halloween pages! They will blend right into your album, because there is enough of the original design and colors showing through.

So here is the first layout, as it looks in the Fast2Fab album:

And here it is, after being "Halloweened!"

To create this layout, you will need the Trick or Treat Paper pack and stickers, black cardstock, the Shape Maker with Circle Tag cartridge, the 12-inch Trimmer and Tape Runner. (You could substitute the Circle Tags with any cut-out circles).

  • Cut 12x2.5 inch strips from the spider-web print paper and adhere over the red-orange page border. 
  • Cut as many 4.5x6.5 inch photo mats as you need from the patterned papers and add to page. 
  • One of the Trick or Treat papers has nine squares, which you can cut apart and use for journaling or accents, as I did using the orange square with a spider.  
  • Cut two circle tags from black cardstock and adhere to page; use a ruler and pen to draw the strings and "hang" them from the top of the page.
  • Add arrow stickers or others, as you like, and also the little spider stickers on the circle tags. 
  • The grid design of the page makes it easy to line everything up just so!
  • Along the edge of each page are numbers, as if it's a record book; I circled the "31" on each side, for Halloween. 

My second layout originally looked like this:

And this is the Halloween-ready design:

To make this layout, you will need the Trick or Treat paper pack and stickers, black cardstock, the Border Maker with Picket Fence cartridge, the 12-inch Trimmer and Tape Runner. I started with the picket-fence border (which I give instructions for, below). In the upper right photo box, I used the "Trick or Treat" design cut from the 9-square printed paper. I added a few stickers, and that's it!  

I like how the fence and the stickers create a Halloween night "scene," with the owl, pumpkins, street sign, moon and stars. The page would be just as cute without the fence; just add your photos and stickers.

For the picket fence, start with the Border Maker and Picket Fence cartridge:

Cut a border from black cardstock, then measure 1 and a quarter inches from the bottom of the border. Make a mark here, and cut with 12 inch trimmer (see next photo).

Your border should now look like this:

Put the border back into the border maker like so (using the blue paper guide):

Cut the same border on the opposite side, then use the trimmer to cut off one of the "pointy" edges. 

Further proof that the Fast2Fab pages are super versatile!

Take a lot of pumpkin patch/carving/Halloween photos?  You need this fun new Pumpkin Patch album cover!  The bookcloth is black mica, which means it has a little sparkle to it. Check out the whole Halloween collection (click for larger view):

Thanks for reading!  The fun continues over at Candace's Scrappin' Jpegs blog - click here!

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