Sunday, November 29, 2015

Holiday Memory Keeping

The holidays are full of traditions and memories, but it’s also a busy time and the weeks go by so fast. We want to capture all the fun, the love, the parties and wonderful food and gifts.  Before we jump into December tomorrow (!) I have a few ideas for you - pictures to take, things to save, and how to put them together in a Creative Memories album. Even if you can’t commit to making one every year, they are great treasures to look back through.

Let’s start with some ideas of photos to take.  They won’t apply to everyone, but it’s a start. You can probably think of even more:

My dog was boarded over the holidays last year, and the kennel
sent me a Christmas greeting from him!
  • Kids making their wish lists, plus a picture of the wish list in their cute handwriting
  • Going out shopping 
  • Choosing/cutting down a tree (or the comedy routine of piecing together the fake tree)
  • Decorating the tree and the house
  • Favorite decorations, inside and outside the house
  • The broken ornaments (with the guilty cat/toddler who destroyed them)
  • Baking and cooking, plus the ensuing messy kitchen
  • Small groups of relatives (easier to manage than a huge group photo, and easier to get close-ups of those faces you love)
  • The preschooler with her dress over her head during the church play
  • Playing favorite games
  • Visiting Santa, with tears or smiles
  • Charity events and caroling
  • Stockings hung up on the mantle (or where ever yours go)
  • The frightful weather - snow, icicles, and people bundled up
  • Pets, especially in costume
  • Don’t forget the adults (I’m looking at you, Moms, who are always hiding behind the camera!) 
  • The post-gift-opening disaster area
Add the tickets, the selfies - everything to tell the story!

Christmas cards have always held a special place in our homes, and now that many cards include family photos, they are really worth saving! Ideas:

  • Cards with an inside and outside can be cut in half (as above), with both halves displayed on the page. Or, you can try this method from CM Advisor Fran Smitherman.  
  • Double-sided cards can be slid into full pocket pages, or you can just display your favorite side. 
  • Incorporate a beautiful card front or cute detail as a page embellishment with a few snips of a scissors 
  • You could make an ongoing holiday card album, with cards from one family in the same place. For example, if your cousin sends you a card/picture of her kids each year, display them side-by-side, and add refill pages as needed. This is a fun way to watch the family “grow up,” watch hairstyles change, and so on. 
  • Create a “folder” for your cards using two sheets of card stock, as I did here. Lay one card stock over the other, then adhere, or staple, (or sew, if you do that) the bottom edge. Decorate the front, put your cards inside, then slide the folder into a 12x12 pocket page. This way, you can pull out the folder and easily look through the cards. 

Make (or buy) a 12x12 folder and decorate

Make a note for the reader to pull out the folder from the pocket page

There they are, your saved holiday cards to enjoy

There are plenty of other things besides photos and cards to hang onto and add to your album. Save your tickets, brochures, wish lists, recipe cards with favorite dishes, gift tags, ribbon, kids’ drawings and their letters to Santa. If school projects are too big to fit on a page (or they’re 3-dimensional!), take a picture and add that instead.

Apparently I could  not bear the though of adding one more page to this album,
so I stuck the lovely tree drawing to the back cover! I also include as much kids' artwork as possible. 

Consider making a whole December album, and remember that not all the pages have to be holiday themed. We do a lot of things in December besides unwrap gifts and make cookies, right?  You can include it all: concerts, plays, road trips, charity events, fun family outings and so on. 

December is also about traveling to visit family, and doing fun things like bowling.

Try to keep your pages simple, and focused on the pictures.  It’s tempting to use every tool and possible sticker on each layout, but the page should enhance your photos, not distract the viewer.  And don’t forget to tell the stories!  Pictures can sometimes say everything, but not always.

What do you notice about these layouts?  The minimal embellishments puts the focus on the pictures. 

Are your holiday memories only a few pages long?  You might be able to fit two or more years' worth of Decembers into one album. (The recommended maximum number of pages for an Album Cover is 30.)

Don't love your handwriting?  Type your page titles, captions, quotes or journaling on your computer, and print out on cardstock or vellum (check out my first photo on this post - I printed a title onto vellum).

It’s best to make your holiday album while the memories are still fresh, right at the end of the month or start of the new year.  Or, if you are really organized, you can prepare the album ahead of time, and work on it throughout the month of December.  One of our CM Advisor friends in Canada, Noreen, has some excellent ideas on creating an album ahead of the season. Click here to read her post. 

Creative Memories’ new Christmas Joy collection is the ideal home for your holiday memories. The Fast2Fab album has predesigned pages - do you know what that means?!?  It means that you can just stick your stuff to the page, do some journaling, and be done!  It’s so easy.  The coordinating paper, stickers and slide-in cards help you enhance your pages or make your own, using our refill or pocket pages. And don’t forget the Home for the Holidays Album Cover and the Evergreen cartridge for the Border Maker system.

CM Multi-Pocket pages make it a snap to include all those holiday photos.
Try adding some Christmas Joy slide-in cards and stickers.

Happy Scrappy Holidays to All!

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