Saturday, August 15, 2015

Four Uses for CM Slide-In Card Packs

Don’t you love finding more than one use for something?  Whether it’s an old glass jar, a piece of furniture, leftover cupcake frosting or craft supplies, part of being creative is looking at something in a different way, and giving it a new purpose. 

We’d like to show you some ideas for using Creative Memories Slide-In Card Packs. These double-sided, 4x6 inch card packs are now available in many different designs, and are super versatile. 

Obviously, the cards are perfect for their original purpose, which is to add color, design, and journaling space to your Multi-Pocket Pages. Slide in your photos, a couple cards, do your journaling: done!  When you are working with lots of photos from, say, your child’s birthday party, try using a mix of Fast2Fab predesigned pages and Multi-Pocket Pages to fit them all in the album in a snap. Look on the Bright Side cards are shown here:

You can also add the cards to your album pages!  Maybe you’ve added photos to the pre-designed boxes on a Fast2Fab page, and have one space left. Add a Slide-In card, and it looks perfect, because the designs coordinate with the Fast2Fab albums!  Here, I have used the Change in Latitude album and one card from the matching Slide-In Pack:

This simple page features the Neutral Paper Pack, accented by one card from It’s a Love Thing Slide-In Pack, and a few stickers. 

Another way to use the cards is to grab a scissors and cut out only the parts you want to use. On this page, the flower design was trimmed from an It’s a Love Thing card, and added to a Stitch in Twine pre-designed page:

The great designs and cardstock-weight paper also make them an excellent choice for card-making.  The cute, classy thank you note below was easily made with a few cards from the Pretty in Pastel pack:

A little creativity can make your Slide-In cards go a long way. Take a look at all of the great designs (click the picture for larger image).  Like what you see?  Order anytime at .

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