Saturday, August 15, 2015

Photographing the Everyday

No one will ever accuse the people who lived in 2015 of not taking enough pictures.  We take millions of them everyday!  Digital photography enables us to take a hundred pictures and delete all but a few of the best shots. Anyone with a smartphone has a camera in hand at all times. And social media gives us an easy way to share it all. 

We tend to photograph the big life moments: newborn babies, graduations, weddings, vacations, birthdays, the kid with the soccer trophy. But there is a lot to be said for documenting the everyday. Some of my most treasured photos are of everyday moments:  my grandma in her apron, canning tomatoes; my mom as young wife and mother, having her morning coffee; my kids snuggled on the couch; photos of my childhood bedroom; my husband deep in thought; my friend laughing at something happening off-camera. 

Try taking a picture each day of something ordinary.  Maybe it’s the flower garden or basement remodel you've been working so hard on.  Snap a picture of the friend sitting across from you at your weekly breakfast date. Get your kids to pose with that gang of neighborhood pals they run around with. Take pictures of your house and inside your rooms,  your current vehicle, even your workplace.  Someday, I promise you, those pictures will be incredibly interesting and even amusing! 

Don’t forget to hand the camera to someone else now and then. Selfies are fun, but have someone take pictures of you doing what you love, with the people you love.  Moms are notorious for avoiding the camera - usually because they are taking the pictures. A lot of us would rather not have our picture taken at all, because we’re not happy with the way we look. Tell the photographer to take the shot just from the neck up, or whatever you’re comfortable with. 

The final part of this process is getting those pictures printed and put into albums!  Creative Memories gives you some easy options, especially with our coordinated Fast2Fab albums, papers and more.  Prefer a blank canvas?  Our bookcloth albums and refill pages are the best you will find anywhere, and are all made in the USA!  

My daughter leaves her beloved "stuffies" behind in her carseat when she goes to school. It was important to me to remember this sweet detail!

Our kitchen in the middle of a Saturday cooking session:

 Made a blanket fort for my preschooler and her friend, but found the tween hiding out there!

That sweet face and the crazy, growing-in teeth are always worth a snapshot!

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